Events Calendar

Club Events

Below is a list of club coordinated events. Please Visit the PCAQ Calendar for a full list of events held by other clubs.


Sun 10th – Muster (dressage or flatwork + rules for CB, games)

Sun 24th – Ribbon Day (combined training)

Sun 10th – Muster (dressage – rundown with those that did zone – bring tests)

Sun 24th – Muster (dressage /flat work )

Sun 14th – Muster (dressage & showjumping/ Jf Mcgill sporting)

Fri 19th – Informal Muster (extra showjumping practice) 

Sun 28th – Muster (dressage, JF Mcgill practise grooming & plaiting practise (c – altering stirrups & girth & footfalls)

Sun 6th – Wynnum Dressage

Sun 12th – JF McGill (Runcorn)

Sun 26th – Muster (showjumping & rules – go through rules for zone event)

Sat 8th & Sun 9th – Zone Equitation & Showjumping (Moggill)

Sun 23rd – Muster (flat work in accordance with certificate, jumping & WPC gymkhana events (C – handling a hand gallop))

Sun 7th – Wynnum Gymkhana

Sun 21st – Ribbon Day (ODE)

Sun 28th – Muster (dressage & flat work & jumping/games)

Sun 11th – Muster (rider class practice showjumping)

Sun 25th – TBC

Sun 15th – Muster (flat work in accordance with certificate, cross country jumping or games)

Sun 29th – Muster (flat work – target practice)

Sun 13th – TBC (certification exams)

Sun 27th – Ribbon Day (natural pres, fun events)


Sun 10th – Muster (specialty)